The FootballNews photo gallery is available to anyone to upload football photos. You can use it to showcase your football photography, to promote your local club or to share your footballs with others. In order to upload photos, submit a request for access using the contact form below.

Forum Moderators

We are always looking to add new forum moderators. However this does require the individual to have a balanced outlook and a willingness to allow individuals to express their opinions . Sometimes this can be difficult. If you think you would be a suitable forum moderator, then please submit a request for access using the contact form below.


Football related videos can be added to FootballNews by request. The focus is on video material that is benefit to others in the football community such as players, coaches and fans. If you wish to upload relevant football videos onto FootballNews, please submit a request using the contract form below.

General Requests

We all have very busy lives and the volunteers who run FootballNews are no exception. We receive a lot of email from spammers and scammers that tends to fill up the FootballNews email boxes. So what this means is that we may be slow to respond to your requests so please be patient. If your request is not relevant to FootballNews, you will not receive any response.


This contact form is not to be used for the submission of any complaints. All complaints must be submitted via a private message to the admin via the FootballNews Forum. If you submit a complaint via this form it will be ignored.

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