2006 – FootballNews v2

A step back to the launch of FootballNews v2 on 29 March 2006:

I am very pleased to welcome you to FootballNews v2.

What you are seeing today represents several years of hard work by many invisible people. I could not go live with v2 without giving some credit to the many individuals who have contributed in some way to the site.

First and foremost are the two programmers who have slaved for up to two years on the code that underpins this site. Karl Castle pushed ahead alone during the first year of coding. We soon realised the enormity of the task and so we threw Andrew Duxorth into the fray.

Together Karl and Andrew have achieved fantastic results. It is a credit to both of them that they have remained committed to completing this project after both have suffered some quite major personal mishaps that would have de-railed most people.

The contribution of Andrew Duxorth is not limited to the programming. He has developed innovative site techniques that have made a quantum improvement in the performance under heavy loads. He has also responsible for the complete hardware/software solution that runs v2.

Another programmer deserving of recognition is Grant Williamson. He produced and enhanced FootballNews v1. Much of the functionality of v2 is based on Grant’s original work. Without Grant v1 and therefore v2 would not have existed.

We owe a lot of thanks to Mona of Kenno Media. Mona and her team produced the look and feel of v2 and the results are outstanding. Any potential problems of utilising a European based design company were eliminated by the highly professional, methodical and customer focussed approach of Kenno Media. It really is a pleasure working with a company that works hard at exceeding your expectations.

In the early stages of v2 Warwick Groves developed the initial functional specifications and database design and Matthew Berry mocked up the first designs for the site.

We are very appreciative of the contribution made by Adam Butler. Without Adam the Local Football Gallery just would not exist.

There are many persons who have provided us with advice, feedback and undertaking testing. These include Terry Langford and the testing team from the v1 forum – EuroKing, Frappe, RandomRanger, Golden Greek & geordie-442.

There are other contributors who in their small way have made FootballNews possible. These are the many quiet and hardworking individuals from places like the FFA, the FFSA and the many clubs who provide us with the crucial information everyone wants to read.

Finally I must thank YOU. It is your support of FootballNews that has made it into what it is today. Without YOU there would be no reason for FootballNews to exist. Thank you and together lets continue our goal of promoting local football and taking this most beautiful game of all to the masses in Australia.

The original FootballNews v1 (Soccernews) as it appeared in 2000:

FootballNews v2 as it appeared in 2016:

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