Interview with Carl Veart of Adelaide United
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A veteran of the Barcelona Olympics, the 1980s NSL, a clash with Maradona and the rough and tumble of the top English divisions, Adelaide United midfielder/striker Carl Veart has seen plenty in football. Veart is a vital cog in John Kosmina’s Adelaide United machine that rumbled to regular season domination last season. One of the most consistent performers in the Hyundai A-League – Veart scored seven times last season. He is also one of the oldest, at age 36…

You’re 36. How’s the body feeling?
I feel just as good as I did 10 years ago. I don’t have any worries after games. I’m very happy with the way I’m going at the moment.

What about your future? Where will you be in two or three years?
As you say, I’m one of the oldest players in the league…

Or most experienced…
To me age doesn’t really matter that much. If I was 26 people wouldn’t be talking about my age. As long as I’m out there doing the job for the team, that’s all that matters.

Did you enjoy your time in England? (Veart has played for Sheffield United, Crystal Palace and Millwall)
Immensely. At that time in the mid 1990s there weren’t a great number of Australian players overseas. I went into what was a great experience, but I probably didn’t fully understand what I was getting myself into.

But you came out alright in the end?
Yeah, I learned a hell of a lot over there. It was a very steep learning curve. It was a level that the Hyundai A-League is getting to now. You’ve got to be able to perform week in, week out not just on match days… on training days as well.

How do you think your game has changed in the last 10 years?
Personally, I understand the game a lot better now than I did 10 years ago, so I can use that experience to save myself from doing a lot more work than I really need to.

What is your preferred position?
Midfield. It allows me to be involved in the game a lot more than playing up front. I really enjoy playing up front but sometimes you can get a bit isolated.

What was the secret behind your success last year?
We were a very fit side last year and we were very well organised. We had a very well-disciplined side and everyone, individually and collectively as a team, did their jobs week in and week out. We kept on going on that roll because everyone was performing.

What would be seen as a success for the club this year?
We have to aim for the top four. Our goal is to win the championship and you can’t win the championship unless you finish in the top four. I don’t think anyone will win the league as comfortably as we did last year. It’s a lot tighter this year and all eight sides will be pushing for one of those top four spots. In the finals it is the team who performs the best at that time of the year.

You scored your fair share of goals last season. What is your target for this season?
Yeah, I’d like to at least get what I scored last year. I think I got seven last year so I’d be aiming for around that mark again this year from midfield – probably seven to eight goals, or one in three games.

How do you rate John Kosmina as a coach?
From that first year at United he has improved quite a bit, he’s always willing to learn and listen. He has this reputation for being hard but he is a very open coach that listens to his players and likes to have input from his players. He’s always changing his training methods as well, which is good because you never get stale or bored.

What’s the dressing shed like? Any practical jokers?
Yeah there is. Angelo Costanzo’s probably the biggest practical joker in the side. He’s always quite loud and playing tricks, though you’ve got to expect it from the quiet ones like Richie Alagich. He’s a bit sneaky.

Veart’s word on…

Most talented teammate ever?
From the Barcelona Olympics squad we had some great players. Paul Okon at the time was probably the best player going around.

Toughest opponent?
Last year, Dwight Yorke. He was so talented on the ball. Always seemed to have lots of time and space. You’d close him down hard but he’d take his time to play the ball.

Career highlight?
Barcelona Olympics would be up there, the time I had at Palace and the World Cup qualifier against Argentina over there in 1993. That was quite an experience.

Adelaide youngsters?
Young Nathan Burns is an exceptional talent and will come on quite well this year. Dez Giraldi has shown at training that once he gets fully fit he’ll cause defenders trouble.

Carl on the Glory…

We played them in the Pre-Season Cup but at the time Ron Smith had just taken over so they were still learning. I watched them play against Central Coast and they looked very good. They’ve got a few players there with quite a bit of pace which can cause you trouble. They’re very solid at the back so they can only get better the longer Ron Smith has with them.

…and that man Stan

He was at West Adelaide when I was there before we went overseas in the ’90s so I’ve known Stan for a while. He’s an exceptional player who |likes to run at players and will be one who we’ll be keeping an eye on.


How do you like to relax?
I like to go out and have a game of golf. I try to play at least once a fortnight. I play off a handicap of about 12 or 13.

Who is the club’s golfing champion?
There are a couple of sharks there that say they’re not very good at golf but they’re actually not too bad, like Travis Dodd and Daniel Beltrame. I think I could still manage to teach them a thing or two.

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