Interview with Bobby Petta of Adelaide United
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Profile: Q: From what you’ve seen so far, what do you think of the standard of football in Australia?
Its pretty good and to be honest better than I probably expected. I’ve seen a few games and a few players from abroad have come back to Aus and it has raised the game a bit. We’ve got a good team in Adelaide and I’m impressed by the standard.

Q: Do you have an expectation of how you will fit into this competition after playing in England?
I always want to perform well on any level so I expect to perform really well up to my ability, to help the team and be influential in the team’s success.

Q: Is there something that makes Dutch players unique and sets them apart from other countries?
It is a small country but despite all of that they produce some good talent and players. I think it has something to do with the youth system in Holland, it’s pretty good in terms of coaching and technique, teaching kids at a younger age how to play and develop.

The setup is different from here in Australia because, it’s a bit technical, but everyone plays on the streets and football is the number one sport. I just hope the standard here gets better because it is good and I think Australia showed that in the World Cup.

Q: From watching the Socceroos friendly against Holland leading up to the World Cup, the whole stadium was in orange. Dutch supporters must be patriotic and passionate about their football?
The thing is we strive for perfection in Holland. The fans are very critical in what they see and if it’s not good enough. You always try to play your best.

Q: What are the strengths of your game?
We always used to develop our skills in the street and playing a lot of indoor football. Most Dutch players like to play attractive football and now there aren’t many wingers that can go past players and put a cross in. I’m more of that old fashioned winger even though in the years when I’ve played I’ve tried to use my experience in playing on the wing and in the centre of the midfield and hopefully be more dominating on the pitch.

Q: Is there a moment of your career that stands out above the rest?
All Celtic games versus Rangers. They stand out, especially the first one I played in which was under the new Manager at the time Martin O’Neill and we won 6-2 at home. I would say that was the highlight of my career. We would get 60,000 people to every home game but in the games against Rangers there was always more motivation and more pressure but that was good and you always wanted to play in those games.

Q: Who is the best player you’ve played against?
The best player I’ve played against would probably be Del Piero, the Juventus midfielder. He was very good at defending but in the particular game we played against them, he made everything look so easy and he scored a brilliant free-kick and basically that summed up his talent.

Q: What can Adelaide United expect from the foreign contingent of you, Fernando and Qu, and how do you get along?
We get on really well. I’ve only known Qu for a few weeks but what I’ve seen of him on the training pitch he’s a very good player and nice person. I just think we know what we can do ourselves and by bringing that to the club we can show the fans that we are good players and can function in this team.

Q: How are you fitting into the Australian climate and Adelaide lifestyle?
I’m glad to be here because if this is winter with the weather we have now, this is like summer in the UK. I’m glad I made the switch and everybody is very friendly and laid back in Adelaide. I get on with the players and people outside the club really well and they’ve made my stay very welcome.

Well it is great to have you at Adelaide United and we look forward to seeing Bobby Petta setting up and scoring plenty of goals for the Reds.

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