Card checks

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Card checks

Post by spooky1972 »

What are the exact rules of the card checks as I have a few questions if someone could answer.

a) Card checks can only be done prior to the game?
I thought 15 minutes before the game. Can a club request a card check halfway or after a game?

b) What happens if a team have players late and not present when the card check is done?
For example team B requests a card check prior to kick off, and team A only have 11 players, but have 15 listed on the team sheet, are those missing players forced off the team sheet?

c) Can players share shirts?

d) Can players wear no number?

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Re: Card checks

Post by robs2107 »

From the FFSA site: ... ND_JSL.pdf
Player Registration Cards

1. All players must have a Player Registration Card to compete in any FFSA Sanctioned
competitive game.

2. A team may request to view the Player Registration Cards of another team at least 15 minutes
prior to the commencement of a game, all cards must be presented. If a player’s registration
card cannot be provided, the player is not permitted to play.
a) At least 15 minutes prior to game.

b) If the play card was not produced at check they cannot play but one would hope that in Junior Football common sense and fair play would prevail.

Couldn't find c & d quickly, give the FFSA a call but, once again, one would hope that in Junior Football common sense and fair play would prevail.
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Re: Card checks

Post by God is an Englishman »

SAASL rules for card checks are up until half time the they can be requested
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Re: Card checks

Post by jimmy2014 »

Issuance of cards for anyone under 18 this year is completely at the discretion of the FFSA.
Most don't have.
all other rules are at the discretion of the FFSA.
The competition rules are at the discretion of the FFSA.
Making stuff up at is discretion of the FFSA.
answers are at the discretion of the FFSA.

FFSA replaced old Steve G for making stuff up with a another Steve G.

If in doubt, refer to FFSA, at their discretion.

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