Ange is going anyway

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Re: Ange is going anyway

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Nicky_Tanner wrote:
The_Pessimist wrote:wow... everyone here blaming the coach.

Might help if our players can learn to use two feet, pass a 5 m ball and learn how to cross consistently. That is technical clout which we do not have.

Juniors should be taught how to use both feet. That means, conducting training sessions solely with the opposite foot like they do in europe. Everytime the ball touchers your preferred foot, 10 pushups. Don't like it? F*** off
some great current players are one footed.
Yeah, true, only thing is, none of them are Australian players........which then raises more questions about the quality of junior coaching in Australia ( Father's, accountants, lawyers, bricklayers, carpenters etc can't do it alone). You need - Kewell's, Zola's, Stevie G's, Van Basten's etc coaching juniors. Just like the AFL has ex players coaching its juniors, soccer needs the best players coaching under 8's.

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