Sunday Div 1 - How will they end up.

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It is back by popular demand

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themachine wrote:your right they have struggled to replace the players they have lost
those players left for their own reasons and those reasons are varied
be it money, retirement , closer to home etc
im one of those players that left as well but certainly dont dislike the club, far from it , i only left for personal reasons and a change in jobs

( plus getting bagged from all the downs boys at work was getting too much,however we shared a laugh when a certain phe player got knocked out :lol: )
i dont have the answers and you ask the right questions

the current playing group beleive in the club and will be there next year.

You were only disliked after that incident ,and unfortunatelythat set the tone for the declining relationship.
I played against you and had a beer with you ( when you moved to the downs) but you still wanted the bag the club that helped you in some great success you had
Im not blaming you or the club but things could of been different if both parties solved their differences

May or may not see you next year

you mention the incident. as you know, i did go back and finish the season with the ressies.

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Well done "Onthepissagain" seems you will remain the only Inter player ever to win the Div 1, player of the award for a long long time.

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