The Long Haul
The Sweeper has been involved in local football for the long haul. This well informed writer will give you his honest opinion on what he believes is in the best interests of the game we all love.
Saturday, April 24th 2010
It has been exactly 7 years since the publication of the ground breaking Crawford Report.

The findings of the "Report of the Independent Soccer Review Committee into the Structure, Governance and Management of Soccer in Australia", aka the Crawford Report, has driven the transformation of the administration of football in Australia. Soccer Australia was replaced by the Football Federation of Australia (FFA), each state based football body has been dissolved and replaced by new FFA controlled entities. ...
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Saturday, February 14th 2009
Australia is a country that was built through adversity and espouses the values of mateship and diversity. When times are tough, Australians roll up their sleeves and give their mates a hand.

In the past fortnight Australians have battled through the tragedy of the Victorian bushfires. It is a tragedy that has seen the loss of so many lives and wiped whole townships from the landscape.

Australians have rallied to lend a hand and provide whatever support they can to those affected by the Victorian bushfires. Australians from all walks of life have rallied to help their mates. ...
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Monday, March 17th 2008
The FFA has announced Australia will bid for the right to host the 2018 World Cup. This is the starting gun in what will be a very long and arduous beauty parade to convince FIFA that Australia should be granted this exclusive and elusive right to host the holy grail of human kinds sporting endeavours.

Yet 10 years out the SANFL, arch enemy of local football, is positioning itself to free load off the World Cup Finals bid. For the past fortnight the SANFL and their local press cronies have told us how they would only accept a new multipurpose stadium if they owned it and controlled ...
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Friday, February 9th 2007
The sporting environment in Australia has changed forever. Football has gone from being the ugly duckling to the rising star of Australian sport. Its popularity has risen in leaps as evidenced by the scenes around the country during the 2006 World Cup Finals and the fans turning up to watch the A-League.

Throw in the immensely popular FoxSports coverage of the A-League and there are some pundits who are now arguing that more people tuning into football than AFL or Rugby. Most of the print press has boarded the football train but there has been one very disappointing exception - the ...
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Friday, July 21st 2006
Australia is being touted as the backup to South Africa to host the 2010 World Cup Finals.

It is common knowledge in football circles that South Africa is way behind schedule in its preparation for the 2010 World Cup finals - the first to be held in Africa. It is still to finalise some of the cities that will host the matches let alone commence the construction of new stadiums and refurbishment of old stadiums.

One of the major concerns is the public infrastructure. Germany was able to take advantage of its world's best transportation infrastructure - its famous unlimited speed ...
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Saturday, April 8th 2006
Who can forget how much SA Premier Mike Rann and the Adelaide Advertiser moaned about the cost of Hindmarsh Stadium. The Stadium became a political football regularly hitting the front page of the Adelaide Advertiser. It was the scandal of the day.

Only this week his counterpart in Victoria - Premier Steve Bracks announced a new rectangular stadium for Melbourne - at a cost of $190m.

Lets look at the numbers:

Hindmarsh Stadium = 16000 seats = $41m cost = $2562 per seat.

New Melbourne Stadium = 20,000 seats = $190m cost = $9500 per seat. ...
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Monday, January 23rd 2006
Speaking with an old football friend of many years recently from my home town, Lismore, on the beautiful Far North Coast of NSW, as so often happens I was once again struck by the benefit in exchanging ideas with the heartland of our game, football people at the grass roots level.

A player, coach and administrator from the area for over 30 years, Armin Sandmann is typical of many in that he has spent years battling the bureaucracy and incompetence of the NNSW Federation who have an almost legendary capacity to see past sound strategic ideas. ...
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