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Saturday, December 4th 2010
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The biggest losers from FIFA's decision to award the 2018 and 2022 World Cup finals to Russia and Qatar are football fans.

The shadowy FIFA executive has selected the two bidding hosts with the lowest technical scores from their own analysis. In other words, FIFA has selected the hosts with the least favourable facilities for football fans.

For 2018 FIFA had the option of selecting England, Spain/Portugal, Netherlands/Belgium and Russia. A World Cup in England or Spain/Portugal and, to a lesser extent, Netherlands/Belgium would have been a dream ticket for football fans. ...
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Tuesday, September 11th 2007
Participation in women’s football is booming in Australia and this is particularly true for female participation (junior and senior). With young females especially playing the game for the first time in massive numbers, women's football is widely considered the fastest growing sport in Australia.
Of the 425,920 total registered players in 2006 there were 83,834 females (19.7% of the total). These figures do not include schools, futsal or non-aligned competitions. The 83,834 registered women's players represents a massive 17 per cent increase in the number of women players registered in ...
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Sunday, March 18th 2007
There is some talk that Adelaide United is having difficulty sourcing suitable young players from the local leagues. What has happened to the fountain of talented young players? Has it dried up? Is it only a drought or is there something structurally wrong with South Australian football?

In the past South Australia has produced an abundance of young quality footballers. Many of them are household names - Alex Tobin, Aurelio Vidmar, Tony Vidmar, Paul Agostino, John Aloisi and John Kosmina spring to mind. ...
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Wednesday, March 29th 2006
I am very pleased to welcome you to FootballNews v2.

What you are seeing today represents several years of hard work by many invisible people. I could not go live with v2 without giving some credit to the many individuals who have contributed in some way to the site.

First and foremost are the two programmers who have slaved for up to two years on the code that underpins this site. Karl Castle pushed ahead alone during the first year of coding. We soon realised the enormity of the task and so we threw Andrew Duxorth into the fray. ...
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Sunday, December 4th 2005
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One of the sources of fascination for an Australian football aficionado following that night on November 16 was to follow the press reaction, especially from those princes of the Fourth Estate who have not exactly been partial to football in this cricket country.

Most, I am delighted if a little bemused to say, opted to go along with the throng, the 4.3 million SBS viewers who were thrilled by the game, not to say its result. It was a case of, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

(Actually that figure should read 8.5 million. ...
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Wednesday, August 31st 2005
Is Harry Kewell really good enough to play in the A-League? Local South Australian football identity Jimmy Barnes does not think so.
According to Barnes, attacking midfielder Kewell has a dodgy left foot. "His left foot problem stems from birth. Harry was born with a deformed toe on his left foot and as a result can not kick a football properly."
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Wednesday, August 24th 2005
New Column Story!
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Wednesday, August 24th 2005
New Column Story!
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