Time to Replace FIFA
1:47 AM Mon 1st Dec, 2014 - Admin
The time has come to replace FIFA as the ruling body of Football. FIFA has become irrevocably tainted by the scandals surrounding the bidding for 2018 and 2022 World Cup.

A dossier of new corruption allegations was submitted to the House of Commons culture media and sport selects committee. The latest allegations include:
*an illegal vote swapping deal between Russia and Middle Eastern countries.
*Michel Platini was gifted a Picasso painting by Russia.
*Qatar bought the vote of a Fifa executive committee member through a huge investment in his holiday resort company.
*Qatar bought the vote of another committee member with a $A50m land deal.
*The vote of Franz Beckenbauer was touted for sale by two associates, in exchange for millions of dollars in consultancy fees.

Further more the integrity of the 14-8 vote in favour of Qatar for 2022 is in doubt because of two ongoing investigations involving voting members of FIFA’s Exectuive Committee according to the Daily Mail. It is understood that five FIFA members are under criminal investigation in Switzerland and four are being probed by FIFA investigator Michael Garcia. According to the Daily Mail, at least six of the votes for Qatar are being probed and could be invalidated.

No matter what the final outcome of these investigations, the awarding of the 2022 World Finals to Qatar was simply madness. It is a decision that was not made in the best interests of the sport. It was not made in the best interests of the players or the spectators or the clubs. It does not matter what FIFA throws up in response to the investigations, by awarding the 2022 World Cup Finals to Qatar it has proven it is dysfunctional.

FIFA has also demonstrated that it is unable to reform itself. Its own Ethics Committee investigation into the World Cup bidding process has been ridiculed across the globe. Football fans have been left with no doubts that FIFA is a questionable organisation that needs reform.

But the reform of FIFA cannot come from within, FIFA is broken. It is riddled with corruption at its very core, it has no transparency, it hides behind its Swiss jurisdiction,and it no longer acts in the best interests of the sport. It is time to replace FIFA.

The key stakeholders in football need to come together to create a new organisation to replace FIFA that is truly accountable to its key stakeholders and is promulgated in a jurisdiction that promotes transparency. It requires a President that is accountable to the stakeholders and has a maximum term of five years and cannot be re-elected. It requires a voting system with much broader representation than a select committee. It requires an organisation that is capable of running an open and transparent World Cup bidding process where the final decision is based on identifiable and measurable factors and not backroom deals. It requires an organisation that is capable of setting an example of what is best practice management of a global sport.

FIFA is an organisation designed for the 1900's. The world has changed and its time for a new democratic organisation to replace FIFA.
Source: FootballNews
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