Shock - Kosmina Quits - Leaves Adelaide United High and Dry
1:17 PM Mon 28th Jan, 2013 - Admin
Adelaide United fans are in shock today at the sudden resignation of coach John Kosmina.

Rumours have been swirling around the local football community over recent days but there are always rumours surrounding any football club. However the rumours bea more public profile when Andy Harper alluded to there being something awry behind the scenes at Adelaide United during the coverage of Friday nights game against Central Coast Mariners.

Following Friday nights game there was a sudden surprise press release targeting at refuting speculation about the coaching position at Adelaide United and confirming Kosimina was the head coach until the end of the season.

Fast forward another day and John Kosmina has released his own statement advising that he has resigned as coach of Adelaide United. In true Kosmina fashion, he has resigned with the same passion he has always put into his performances both as a player and as a coach.

Whilst Kosmina obviously has his reasons for his sudden resignation, he has left Adelaide United in a very tough spot. No coach should be walking out on his team only 8 weeks before the final series.

This may sound very harsh, particularly to John Kosmina, but some would say he needed to take some of his own advice to toughen up a little, swallow a bit of pride and stick by his club till the end of the season for the benefit of its fans.

The Kosmina era v2 is over. Its time for local football fans to close ranks, throw their support behind the club and quickly leave these difficult circumstances behind. Football is always bigger than any individual and its time to move on.
Source: FootballNews
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