Sun sets on John Kosmina as Adelaide fail at home again
11:53 PM Thu 1st Mar, 2012 - Sweeper
Adelaide United have put in another disappointing performance in front of its home fans going down to Perth Glory 0-2 at Hindmarsh Stadium tonight.

A poor Adelaide United looked lackluster, dis-organised and directionless.

John Kosmina talked the talk in the local press earlier in the season when Adelaide United were struggling under then coach Rini Coolen. But Kosmina has been unable to follow up all the talk and now finds himself in a similar predicament to Rini Coolen.

The string of poor results probably means Kosmina has only 3 games left before the sun sets on his career as an A-League coach.

Whilst the buck stops with the coach, much of the blame for Adelaide's very poor season must also rest on the shoulders of the players who have now consumed two coaches in one season. Individually the players look a very strong squad on paper but collectively the squad has been a failure. Sometimes this happens in football. Sometimes you get a blend of players that just does not work as a team and the only solution is to change the ingredients.

There was a strong campaign to remove Coolen, led by the Adelaide Advertiser, with much of the blame for the listless performances being targeted at Coolen himself and a small group of non local players. John Kosmina claimed to have all the answers in his weekly media column and it is ironic that the Adelaide United board un-intentionally called his bluff by instilling him as the replacement for Coolen. Kosmina immediately made changes to the starting lineup with an emphasis on local players however the performances have steadily deteriorated. Unfortunately the strength of local journalists lies in finding those sensational headlines that sells papers and not in finding solutions to football problems. It highlights the dangers of the new board at Adelaide United in placing too much emphasis on what is written in the local press.

Tonight in the post match press conference, John Kosmina put on his best poker face smile to tell us a falsehood that Adelaide United had played well. With the Adelaide's A-League season effectively over and knowing his time is coming to end, it appears Kosmina has accepted defeat with the current Adelaide United squad.

Whilst there are many contributing factors in Adelaide United's lackluster performances this season and there is no simple solution, one can not under estimate the impact of the loss of Marcos Flores. The A-League player of the season was the creative and inspirational glue that held Adelaide United together last season. The loss of Flores has seen Adelaide return to the insipid robotic performances that took the team to the wooden spoon under former coach Aurelio Vidmar. Whatever transfer fee Adelaide United gained last season from selling Flores has most probably been offset by the dropping crowd attendances this season. The fans are casting their votes on Adelaide's United performances with their feet!

With the A-League season over for Adelaide United it is now time to begin preparing for next season. Top of the list is the new coach which must also be followed by a re-balancing of the squad. Adelaide must recruit a right full back. It is incredible that Adelaide United has gone through 2011/2012 without a natural right full back and it has proved very costly. Cameron Watson has tried valiantly at right full back but he struggles defensively, lacks pace and his crosses are normally very disappointing when he does get forward. Ian Fyfe will shore up the centre of the defence and the new coach will have several options for Fyfes defensive partner. Cassio will have the young Golec snapping at his heals and together they adequately cover the left back position.

On the attacking left hand side of the field, the time is running out for the inconsistent Ian Ramsay. He has genuine pace but cant turn inside and appears to cross the ball with his eyes closed. Time must also be running out for Fabien Barbiero. This has been his worst season in the A-League. However he is a handy squad player with experience and probably deserves another season to prove if 2011/2012 was an anomaly.

The defensive midfield position is another trouble spot. Malik has shown he can distribute the ball but his defensive work is poor and this has been one of many factors in Adelaide leaking goals against the run of play in the second half of the season. He has time on his side but he must improve and Adelaide must have competition in the squad for this position. John Mckain could be an option if he remains at the club but the alleged midweek training ground melee with team mates might suggest otherwise. Usucar has failed to hold a regular spot in the team and, as an import player, his spot in the squad probably hangs in the balance.

Another player almost certainly on his way out is DaSilva who is taking up the last position in the squad that should have been used for an exciting and talented youngster. He may also be followed out the exit door by Levchenko who was a late signing and, like Usucar, has probably not done enough as one of the import players.

Adelaide's strength is its forward line. But Djite and Van Dijk can be predictable. Adelaide needs add a third striker into the squad that has the pace the current strike force lacks. When a game hangs in the balance, Adelaide's new coach needs to have options up front that can have an impact on the game and shouldn't have to be reliant on inexperienced 16 years olds. Having said that both Coolen and Kosmina should be applauded for having the courage to play youngsters. But there is a time and place when to play the youngsters. We have to understand that they are still learning their football trade and not expect too much too soon from Melling and Kamara.

Season 2011/2012 started with so much optimism and has ended with a lot of disappointment. With the A-League standard continuing to improve with each season and the technical demands on players and coaches increasing, Adelaide United needs to act decisively to appoint the new coach and to re-balance its squad if it wants to regain its place as one of the leaders of the A-League.
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At 12:48 PM Fri 2nd Mar, 2012, Zok said
mmmmmmm...two different coaches....same thinks it be the players mental attitude and toughness
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